Windows taskcluster builds fail to upload minidump artifacts

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As seen in bug 1338878, if a Windows taskcluster build selftest crashes and a minidump is produced, the .dmp and .extra files are not uploaded as artifacts.

It looks like the MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH is out of sync with the upload path.
This is just a one-line change applied repeatedly to each windows tc build config.

The crashes in confirm that the change works: .dmp and .extra artifacts are produced.
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update MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH for windows taskcluster builds

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Fun. I also noticed recently that builds still use the minidump_stackwalk binary from the build/tools repo. It'd be nice to make them use the same one we use for tests, since that one has some nicer features, like fetching system symbols from the symbol server.
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Upload Windows TC build crash dumps as artifacts; r=ted
Closed: 2 years ago
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(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #3)
> I know the ubuntu docker images for tests include minidump_stackwalk, such
> as:
> 211d4dd61025c0a40caea7a54c9066e051bdde8c/taskcluster/docker/recipes/
> and I know some test jobs pull from tooltool, using, for instance:
> 211d4dd61025c0a40caea7a54c9066e051bdde8c/testing/config/tooltool-manifests/
> win32/releng.manifest

Right, those both pull the newer version I was talking about.

> but I don't quite see where builds get it from.

I started typing a long comment, then decided I should file a new bug instead: bug 1378765
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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