notifications on firefox for android are silent

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I use the telegram messaging site on my android device quite a lot.  The site uses push messages and notifications.  One of my biggest annoyances, though, is that firefox for android does not produce any sound/vibration when we display notifications on android.  This greatly reduces the utility of this site on firefox compared to installing the native app.

Can we please enable sound/vibration on our notifications?  If a user does not like them they can disable in the settings app like they do for all other applications.

(Of course, they won't be able to disable sound/vibration for only one site.  Just for all of firefox.)

James, I think we spoke about this at the all hands last week.  Just an NI since it sounded like you agreed this was a bug.
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Nevin, can you take a look? We should just allow the normal notification sound to play. Something going wrong in NotificationHelper.
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I just came back from PTO and will take a look at this.
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I just tested it using Nightly on Nexus 5 Android 6.0.1
I can hear the sound when I got a message.
Could you please let me know more about your device?
I'll also test it further tomorrow when I get in the office.
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I'm on a nexus 5x running Android 7.1.2.  See the attached screenshot showing that my notifications settings are not set to silent for nightly.  I get notification sounds for other apps.
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Bug 1378445 - Add sound for notifications.
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Add sound for notifications. r=snorp

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What about vibration? It would be great if Firefox also uses vibration for it's notifications.
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