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2 years ago
¡Hola Rachel and Jeff!

Just wondering why SuMo content is not on https://pontoon.mozilla.org/

I see that https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=812176 existed so it might be possible.

Pontoon pluses I see:

- is being actively developed as opposed zombie Kitsune
- lets you translate just one line if you so choose it makes doing bite size contributions much easier
- most everyone volunteering translations for moz://a is already there

Pontoon minuses I see:

- people familiar with Kitsune might see a learning curve

Filing this one for at least explore this idea.


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2 years ago
Hi Alex!

A few comments on your request:

1. Localizing UI is a much different (easier? maybe not...) beast than localizing KB articles. Pontoon is great for UI strings, not ideal for longer pieces of text with complex structure/syntax (like the average KB article). Moving to a new tool (even if it's developed by Mozilla) requires quite a lot of thought and certainty. Not to mention developer support :-)

2. We had a similar idea when exploring options on Lithium (you can see a draft here: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1bDeAymZIWh90g_oUMT0KaXNG1z567nRKyUOOKq_2I0U/edit?usp=sharing).

3. At the moment, we are using Kitsune and it's stable enough and familiar enough to contributors, so I hope we can use it at least until v57.


2 years ago
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