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Experiment with running DevTools in a separate process.


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This sounds promising, but maybe not very actionable as is. Not touched in the past 2 months.
Mike told me Alex had been working on this a little bit in the past, so maybe there's another bug he's been using.
Mike, are you able to find another bug in bugzilla for this?
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@Alex: print_endline "I am pretty sure I remember you talking about experimenting with this... did you have any success?";;
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I couldn't find any other bugs for this.
The UI, no. We can't run XUL in another process so I haven't even tried.
As we get more panels to use HTML it may become a thing, but I wouldn't start thinking about getting our frontend OOP before we finish getting everything to HTML.
We may try to put one panel in its own process, like debugger, but that won't be easy as toolbox interact with panel's Javascript (see toolbox.js). You will also most likely break context menu/popup-tooltip.
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Okay, setting priority.
Priority: -- → P5
Severity: normal → enhancement
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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