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Create timelines in order to see the current state of our tools


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(Depends on 2 open bugs, Blocks 2 open bugs)


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Out of the sheet the most common issues are:

All Tools

  - Going white -> grey -> dark grey -> white -> dark grey is bad and should be fixed before we add the skeleton:
    34ms  Toolbox Loads (blank white) with black top border
    100ms Toolbox turns grey
    400ms Toolbox goes darker and the main toolbar appears
    433ms Toolbar icons and buttons appear
    500ms Panel main area turns white.
    ???ms Back to dark grey

Style Editor

  - A spinner is displayed for 600ms... spinners just tell a user they are waiting and make the interface feel slow. The spinner should be removed and replaced by animating the files as they appear so that they "fold down" from top to bottom.

Storage Inspector

  - Tree should start collapsed. At the moment it starts expanded and then all unused sections collapse.
  - Tree should not be animated until it is loaded. The current animations just prolong startup time.

DOM Inspector

  - There is a 1.2s delay with a blank tool panel before the object inspector is displayed. We should display it ASAP and display each line as and when it becomes available (top to bottom).

Rule & Computed Views

  - We should display properties one by one, maybe with a fast animation (top to bottom) rather than waiting for all the rules before we show them.

Layout View

  - When the box model is loading it's dimensions very briefly read undefinedxundefined. These values should default to 0x0.
The following bugs have been logged in order to fix the above issues:

Bug 1378746 - Provide and populate a skeleton screen for each tool's startup
Bug 1379099 - Replace the Style Editor spinner with a top down animation
Bug 1379102 - Improve loading of tree in storage inspector
Bug 1379103 - Allow the object inspector to be displayed progressively (top to bottom)
Bug 1379106 - Allow progressive load of lines in rule and computed views
Bug 1379109 - Make x and y dimensions default to 0x0 instead of undefinedxundefined
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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