FF is not sending sync account Verify email to my registered email address

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Steps to reproduce:

open > preferences > Sync Tab

    Firefox Account: rob@milehighcomputing.com
                    is not verified.
Click on "Verify Email"
See Pop up that says verification sent

Actual results:

Never receive an email with verification link. I've tried this several times over the past week.

My email account is working fine.

Expected results:

Should have received verification email.
Actually, I've used this account to sync all my devices ever since the sync feature was offered and all was syncing until recently.


a year ago
Component: Untriaged → Server: Firefox Accounts
Product: Firefox → Cloud Services
Version: 54 Branch → unspecified
:jbuck, can we please check the bounce record state for this user?
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MySQL [fxa]> select * from emailBounces where email = 'rob@milehighcomputing.com';
Empty set (0.00 sec)
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> Empty set (0.00 sec)

OK, so we're definitely *trying* to send the email then.  Rob, do you have e.g. a greylisting system or other email security measures that the email might be getting caught up in?
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a year ago
No I double checked my email settings before I opened the bug. As I noted everything was working fine until a couple weeks ago. I am getting these bugzilla updates at this email.
> everything was working fine until a couple weeks ago

This does correspond to the timeline on which we've switched to using dedicated IP addresses with SES, so that's probably triggered some new deliverability issue.  Unfortunately this is notoriously hard to debug, but we'll try.  Rob, can you tell us more about your mail hosting setup?  Is it run by a particular service provider, or self-hosted on particular software, or something else?
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Comment 6

3 months ago
Hello, I've been experiencing the same issue. It appears I've a custom domain, let it be dom.xyz. I've tried with a-b-c@dom.xyz, I've never been able to get a confirmation email. However, abc@dom.xyz did the trick and the email got delivered quickly.

I would be more than happy to help fix this bug if you tell me where the FF sync server codebase is :-) could it hide in a regular expression?
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