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label CollectorRunnable via its associated timer


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All other associated timers in this file use the SystemGroup for a
GarbageCollection task, and this one should too.
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label CollectorRunnable via its associated timer

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This seems fine. However, we also need to deal with this case:

Currently, the way this works is pretty weird. The target will always be either null (which means we use the current thread) or the current thread (which comes in via NS_IdleDispatchToThread). We really want to use the SystemGroup here.

In my opinion we should just remove mTarget and the aTarget parameter to SetTimer. They're not helping anyone right now and they seem confusing to me. Then we can just use SetTarget(SystemGroup::...) like you have in the other callsite.
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Rename as part 1.
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We can't just change the signature of SetTimer to remove aTarget parameter because it's an overridden method from nsIIdleRunnable and can be invoked indirectly from nsRefreshDriver::Tick() by calling NS_IdleDispatchToCurrentThread() [1] if CollectorRunner was scheduled by nsRefreshDriver::DispatchIdleRunnableAfterTick() at [2], so I defined SetTimerInternal() to SetTarget with SystemGroup and to set timout using mDelay directly to replace all the internal callsite to SetTimer() and as the internal implementation of ::SetTimer().

In addition, there is a minor issue to call SetTimer() twice unexpectedly when calling NS_IdleDispatchToCurrentThread() in original implementation which is also addressed in this patch.

Assignee: nfroyd → btseng
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(In reply to Bill McCloskey (:billm) from comment #5)
> and then avoid passing the target here:
> 88180977d79654af025158d8ebeb8c2aa11940eb/xpcom/threads/nsThreadUtils.cpp#391
There is one concern here that avoids me to remove |aTarget| parameter from SetTarget():
What if |aThread| of NS_IdleDispatchToThread is not the same to GetCurrentThreadEventTarget() implicitly set in nsTimerImpl's ctor:
It could be unexpected to the user of IdleDispatchToThread() to run its timer callback on the calling thread instead of the |aThread| that user specified, although there is no such use case for now but it could be confusing from API perspective of NS_IdleDispatchToThread.

How do you think?
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(v1) Part 2: Label CollectorRunner::mTimer using SystemGroup.

Review of attachment 8887413 [details] [diff] [review]:

You're right, I guess it might be better to keep this parameter for when we allow dispatching idle events to arbitrary threads.

::: dom/base/nsJSEnvironment.cpp
@@ -297,5 @@
> -    }
> -
> -    if (mTimer) {
> -      mTimer->SetTarget(mTarget);
> -      mTimer->InitWithNamedFuncCallback(TimedOut, this, aDelay,

I don't know how aDelay here differs from mDelay, but maybe it would be better to pass the delay to SetTimerInternal?
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Part 1: Label CollectorRunner::mScheduleTimer using SystemGroup. r=billm
Part 2: Label CollectorRunner::mTimer using SystemGroup. r=billm
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