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can't copy & paste into empty wysiwyg editor


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Steps to reproduce:

I can't copy & paste text into the quick editor on the xda forum (, if it's empty.
It's a wysiwyg editor so it's using an editable iframe

Actual results:

it doesn't show the action bar when I press and hold even though it vibrates

it shows the action bar ones though, if you press and hold it right at the beginning

if you click once to select the text field and then press & hold then it doesn't show the action bar anymore

and it shows text selection at the outside of the iFrame for some reason (might be important)

Expected results:

(self explaining, I guess)
I cannot reproduce this on Nightly 2017-07-10, the floating toolbar appears even if the "Guest Quick Reply" message box is empty when I long press on it. My Android version is 6.0.1.
Have tried doing it twice?
The first time it usually works. After that, not anymore.

and have you tried using version 55?
(meanwhile I'm gonna test the nightly)
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Ah, now I get where you're coming from.
The guest quick reply is a textarea, but if you're logged in you get an i-frame editor (that supports bb codes and more)

I attached the html of being logged in, so you don't have to make an account to analyze the behavior.

I can't paste text into the field. (current nightly)
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Version: 55 Branch → Trunk
[triage] Copying and pasting into textareas seems like a primary use case on mobile: marking critical and adding to platform triage (unclear if it's front-end or platform here).
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I don't think this is particularly critical, will let it be a normal P1.
Flags: needinfo?(sdaswani)
I just noticed that depending on your scroll position (how far down the view-port is), the floating text selection is displayed at different levels (far above the actual iFrame)

so this bug might be actually related to:
(again it's only visible, if I already started typing into the iFrame, but then it's displayed far away from the iFrame)
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