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Improve the UnicodeToEntity hashtable hash routine


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Bug 1379282 is the motivation behind fixing this.
This hash table is only used by Save As...: Web page (complete), which could do without this, and potentially by XPCOM extensions. I think we should remove the entire hash table in 57 if not already in 56.
If I follow the usage of the table through the callers, I eventually get to nsDocumentEncoder::EncodeToString and that has many consumers so it seems to me that it's not just "Save As...". As for replacing the hash table, do we already have another mechanism to lookup the entity from unicode?
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Improve the UnicodeToEntity hashtable hash routine

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If this is actually a performance issue, we can probably do even better since the data in the table is static.
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I don't have any evidence that it is a performance issue.  I found this while auditing the code for the hash table hash functions in our code base.  In general I file these bugs so that people can wontfix them if they think they aren't worth fixing.
I guess I will land the patch since it doesn't hurt anything?
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Improve the UnicodeToEntity hashtable hash routine; r=wchen
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