Return RegExpShared* instead of using bool + outparam

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There are a lot of places where we can return RegExpShared* instead of returning bool and using a RegExpShared outparam. This is cleaner and lets us eliminate a bunch of unnecessary roots.

This is a very mechanical patch. I did have to beef up the FORWARD macro in the js/ipc CPOW code to let us return nullptr on failure instead of false.
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Refactor code to return RegExpShared* directly instead of using bool + outparam. r=evilpie
backed out for hazard failure like
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Backed out changeset 3a0a2ffe803b for hazard failure
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Suppress bogus GC function

We use the macro below in the CPOW code.

The analysis thinks that when the return value is a RegExpShared*, it's live across a GC call: AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL macro -> ~AutoProfilerLabel destructor.

This is bogus because ~AutoProfilerLabel has an indirect call but definitely can't GC.

I think the easiest fix is to teach the analysis that ~AutoProfilerLabel cannot GC. Unfortunately this code is in mozglue so I don't think we can use our SuppressGCAnalysis class for this.

This patch adds an annotation and I get a green analysis build with this on Try.

#define FORWARD(call, args, failRetVal)                                 \
    AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL(__func__, JS);                                  \
    WrapperOwner* owner = OwnerOf(proxy);                               \
    if (!owner->active()) {                                             \
        JS_ReportErrorASCII(cx, "cannot use a CPOW whose process is gone"); \
        return failRetVal;                                              \
    }                                                                   \
    if (!owner->allowMessage(cx)) {                                     \
        return failRetVal;                                              \
    }                                                                   \
    {                                                                   \
        CPOWTimer timer(cx);                                            \
        return owner->call args;                                        \
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Refactor code to return RegExpShared* directly instead of using bool + outparam. r=evilpie,sfink


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Depends on: 1380134


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No longer depends on: 1380134

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