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make RC2 not suck


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This is a tracking bug for bugs that consider important to
the success of a Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2. Please do not change the
dependencies in this bug unless you are a driver.
Depends on: 135455
I would like to nominate these bugs for RC2.
bug 135250, bug 135204, bug 132242, bug 133250, bug 127842, bug 105698, bug
32218, bug 103530.
bug 54701, bug 2920, bug 60981 and bug 119796 are my favs.
agreeing on Bug 135204, Bug 32218 and Bug 133250.
all seem easy enough to fix and are real annoyances.
Everyone: Please don't nominate bugs by adding a comment here! It generates
worthless spam for everyone on the CC list. Thank you.
Depends on: 137694
I have no problem with people making comments / nominations here. I don't
consider it worthless spam. This is my bug and if you don't want the spam then
don't cc: yourself.
Asa: Oh, I see -- I assumed it was the case based on the absense of a reply to
bug 134771 comment 24 (where a commenter writes that as he understands it, the
"make x not suck" bugs are not for nominating, and that he expected that a
driver would correct him if he was wrong). I humbly apologize and will try not
to interfere with your business in the future.
Depends on: 96504
Depends on: 81779
My nominations are bug 126829 and bug 134535. Both are recent major regressions.
I nominate bug 138169 (Mail -> Compose -> Security help window not a stand alone
(sorry if its a bit early to nominate it, I only reported it today and its still
unconfirmed, but if it turns out to be a duplicate then I nominate whichever bug
its a duplicate of instead)
It's been suggested that the linktoolbar should be dropped from 1.0 due to perf
issues (bug 102992) that aren't going to be fixed in the 1.0 timeframe, and also
the linktoolbar+tabs bug (although this has a hacky patch available - I forget
the bug number).

Although part of me would love to see this get forgotten so that 1.0 does ship
with the linktoolbar, I can't bring myself to let it slide in good conscience,
because I know the drivers do want it backed out. I don't think there's a bug to
do this right now, so one ought to be filed and added to the dependencies of
this bug.
Depends on: 128150
Adding 129953 from RC1 Not Suck - if we can stabilize it, or figure out why it
works fine on trunk and not on branch - merge problems probably.
Depends on: 129953
Depends on: 53597
Depends on: 136937
Depends on: 126829
Nominating bug 137706 as the bug 129953 is nominated too and it solves the
problem only on Windows. Otherwise the RC2 wouldn't suck only on Windows.
Nominating bug 73712. Today when the buttons in the taskbar are small you cant
tell the difference if it is the browser, mail, composer etc running.
I nominate bug 133580. Now it's not possible to access tiff attachments, and
this can be a real pain for anyone that gets a mail with one such attachment.
Depends on: 121583
I just filed bug 138496 to backout the linktoolbar. Consider it hereby nominated
for RC2 :(
I'd like to nominate bug 129428. This is a dataloss bug, to be fixed by either
disabling cut or enabling paste in bookmarks manager. 

(Important: do not test this bug except on test bookmarks.)
I'd like to nominate Bug #134535. This bug is where the live link to IE
bookmarks is no longer working. A really visible effect of this is the %20's
that appear in the bookmark list.
Depends on: 134163
I nominate bug #126782 (I really hate it).

And thanks for nominating bug #135455, it is really awfull :-)
Depends on: 126782
Depends on: 131983
What about Bug 135570? That's the Win95-Installer bug, and I think think, it's a
real blocker for all the Win95 users ... 
Something needs to be done with bug 71359 or bug 76664.
Everytime when I start Mozilla I need to choose my profile, because of that
MozillaControl profile.
I use the MozillaControl with Winamp3, RealONE and Windows Media Player.
It would really suck when it won't be possible to ship some apps with the new
Netscape that actually use Netscape instead of IE.
No longer depends on: 126782 Why no start "mozilla -p Profilename" ?
I just want to apologize for my errors.

I will not send any more comments on this bugs.

Sorry. :-/
Since bug 53597 is already on the list, I strongly advise we add bug 75133,
which is closely related and should (as I understand it) resolve cross-browser
color inconsistencies.

I also nominate bug 8031 for inclusion, already.
OK Matti, but I was used to open Mozilla using the Internet icon in Windows XP,
so now I'll have to use a shortcut. I'll also have to remove the shortcut placed
in the All Users desktop folder and put a new one in my own desktop folder. 
It might look childish, but some people do not even have access to those
shortcuts and I hate the fact that the current Netscape comes with software that
requires IE.
I also beleave that it is very important for the 1.0 release that people are
able to add an option to their programs to use Mozilla (instead of IE), without
such problems. Otherwise, the number of programs that require IE will never go down.
Depends on: 138666
nominating bug 124240 and bug 98749 both of which are fixed by the very painless
two-line patch

which is attached to the first of those two (bug 124240).

also nominating bug 79655 which is ADT3, NN4 parity issue, and has a patch:

No longer depends on: 138666
m_mozilla: Did you mean to remove bug 138666 from the dependancy list?
Depends on: 138666
matt: the patch attached to bug 124240 is not "very painless", it's downright
incompatible.  It doesn't matter how narrowly or (in your view) badly %s was
defined by the code that implemented it, that code has been around a long time.
 Now is not the time to change it.  We do not want to break all the users who
rely on current behavior.

You want compatible extensions supporting (a) multiple bookmark-keyword
parameters and (b) the ability to repeat a parameter (which has no analogue in
printf, so %s misleads).  Invent new syntax based on existing precedent, that is
backward-compatible.  Do it fast if you want it for 1.0, get a real r= from the
relevant owner, and an sr=, then we can talk.

I'd like to nominate Bug #133286. This deals with Mozilla users who also use
Windows Media Player. The page doesn't repaint, and makes it look like Mozilla
has crashed. This is especially important for Netscape as Media Player is
bundled with Windows and it wouldn't look good if it made a mess of Netscape.
I want to nominate bug 135017.
Many users see the problem that all tree related Menus doesn't work
(Preferences, Mail folders) in Mozilla if you install over an older build
(0.9.9) with the installer.
In bug 129115 comment 146, jesup says that bug is on the RC2 no-suck list, but I
don't see it in the dependency list.  I hereby nominate it-- I'd add it myself
but I'm too young to drive.  I also nominate bug 21762, which had 85 votes the
last time I checked.  Not fixing it would very definitely suck.
I second the nomination of Bug #21762. This is a big performance issue that
Netscape folks should be very concerned about.
What I should've mentioned in Comment #30 is that Bug #21762 is a tracking bug.
So Asa, or whoever, may want to go through the dependicies and find which ones
have the most value for RC2 and/or the final 1.0.

However, I would like to suggest that Bug #129115, Bug #117061 and Bug #136688
would be useful. Also, I notice that Bug #129953 is already on this list for
RC2, which is also part of the #21762 tracking bug.
I nominate #133580  which is a blocker bug for many users (using
tiff-attachments fails)
I'd like to nominate bug 125106, which made RC1 suck for JP/CN Windows 
please consider bug 133351 (Bookmarks cannot be moved by drag in sidebar)
Please consider #35011.
Nominating bug 138436. This is a recent regression in the TextZoom fetaure that
makes it pretty useless.
Animated GIFs (included on so many sites/portals) are causing major problems. 
Nominating bug 86319.
Depends on: 138134
Depends on: 139228
Depends on: 125489
Depends on: 129782
I would like to propose bug 130885, which makes browsing many popular
SSL-encrypted sites impossible.  Such sites include PayPal, etrade, and Wells Fargo.
How about bug 133250 - "Transferring data from..." remains on status bar

Although just a cosmetic thing, it has become rather annoying :)  
Seconding Bug 133351 in Comment #34 (can't drag and drop bookmarks in sidebar).
 It would give the impression of a low quality, incomplete product.
Depends on: 58704
The bug I would most like to sse fixed is this 100% CPU usage bug ( Im sure 
there is several Bug IDs about it). All mine Moz builds has had problems when 
Moz app. is in the background and is being changed to the active app. 

Also, fixing bugs like bug 139679, bug 139699, Bug 139699 and bug 11210(still 
happens in recent W32 042403 build) would help making Mozilla look a little 

Thanks for letting us test such a great product.
Depends on: 138791
Depends on: 135076
I would like to nominate bug 137033, related to bookmarks and highlighting.
Depends on: resinit
Depends on: 140070
I'd like to nominate Bug #140176. It is a problem with "Keep Alive"
functionality where that functionality slows Mozilla down to a crawl on some sites.

Having said that, I've only seen this with TRUNK builds, I haven't tested with a
BRANCH build yet.
Depends on: 76431
Depends on: 132216
Depends on: 126480
Depends on: 123834
No longer depends on: 102321
No longer depends on: 135076
No longer depends on: 139228
Depends on: 135076
No longer depends on: 137706
Depends on: 137706, 139228
No longer depends on: 135076
Depends on: 135076
No longer depends on: 137706
No longer depends on: 139228
Depends on: 129279
Depends on: 93054
It has not been confirmed yet, but I have filed bug 140591 which is a regression
in the functionality of the feature "Create Filter from Message."  So far I have
only tested it on OS X branch builds, but the regression seems to have started
with the April 19th build.  Once this bug has been triggerred it is impossible
to exit Mozilla cleanly.

Thus I nominate bug 140591 for consideration.
I'd like to nominate regression bug 133217.
No longer depends on: 134535
No longer depends on: 135076
Depends on: 141061
The trunk checkins for DHTML bugs like #117061 and #129953 has made Mozilla so
much a better browser. I do do do hope that these fixes will make it into the
1.0 branch!? Maybe the goal is to make Mozilla a mainstream browser, but
realistic we have to go for the "nerds" first, and they will demand functionally

Oh well the testet trunk build (2002043008) is a bit unstable, so I hope it is
some other checkins that are responseable for that :-/

Btw. bug #129953 is already on the "depends on" list for this bug, but bug
#117061 are not.
I would like to nominate bug 103069, bug 137033, and bug 126730.
I'd like to nominate Bug #134535.

It has a quick, albiet temporary, fix via a PREFS.JS entry. This could go into
RC2 until a permanent fix is found.
Just a note for those who do not understand: RESOLVED / FIXED does NOT mean it
is fixed for RC2.  It means it's fixed on trunk.  The fixed1.0.0 keyword is the
one you're looking for to see if it's fixed on the branch.  So bugs up there
that show with a line through them may not be in the branch.

So don't take "everything is marked fixed" as an exit condition on this
bug--make sure everything you see here has approvals and is checked into branch.
 bug 126829, for example, is checked into trunk but not branch.
Depends on: 140974
Depends on: 141330
I would like to nominate bug 140462 for inclusion in RC2. It already has a fix
and sr, still needs r&a...
No longer depends on: 129279
No longer depends on: 53597
No longer depends on: 126829
No longer depends on: 129782
I nominate 138117... big problem in terms of disk space efficiency.
Depends on: 129782
No longer depends on: 129782
No longer depends on: 126480
I nominate bug 140464.  Minimal risk.
I would like to nominate bug 41555.
i nominate bug 135272. without it fixed, mozilla (expecialy the mail/news) is
useless in BiDi locales (where the UI is aligned to the right)
Depends on: 139471
Depends on: 140164
Depends on: 129279
Depends on: 70083
Depends on: 139649
No longer depends on: 139649
I would like to nominate bug 88239
fix is simple (2 lines) [low risk]
checked into trunk 2002-04-23
I'd like to nominate bug 137836. Pretty visible, low risk.

It's a simple fix (a couple of lines) that fixes the disappearing tab borders in
classic theme. It was checked into trunk on 2002-04-24 and doesn't seem to cause
any problems.
I'd like to nominate the following bugs:

Bug 140088, "Chatzilla is crashing when switching tabs."
Users who run chatzilla without the userlist visible are finding that they crash
within minutes.  This problem exists on both the branch and trunk.

Bug 139316, "Crash involving js_ReportIsNotDefined()"
The JS engine crashes when trying to create an exception object when there is a
function on the stack with a large/deep object passed as a parameter.

Both of these crashers are things I run into *hourly* when trying to run current
branch builds, and both fixes will benefit from RC2 scale testing.
No longer depends on: 139471
Depends on: 129782
I'll nominate this bug for RC2:

Bug 103452: javascript window.close should close tab, not complete browser window
A critical bug with possible dataloss. One of the most frequently duped ones (28
dups now).
Depends on: 135493
Depends on: 140088
Depends on: 141028
Please reconsider fixing bug 140462. It's a two liner, affects JS and DOM0.
Without such a fix, it's very difficult to access, which is not
a top100, but is Italy's larget free web hosting site (i.e. affects lots of users).
The patch from jst, already has a sr=darin...
Depends on: 140462
I'm wondering if bug 32218 should be nominated. The sooner we get this done, the
better off mozilla will be with all these licensing issues. Its been put back
too many times.
Nominating <a
href="">134480</a> for RC2.
This is a big stopper for many people in using RC1.
No longer depends on: 141847
Bug 90823 is an irritating one to us MacOSX users. The patch has already had's been something they've been meaning to add since Netscape 6.2.

Depends on: 133170
I would like to nominate bug 140944 (body.scroll* properties always return 0)
I nominate Bug #138094 which itself is part of Tracking Bug #142810.

This is a critical problem when running Java as it causes the browser to hang.
I'm seeing this on Win98SE with TRUNK and BRANCH builds 20020507.

There is nothing like entering a URL and having Mozilla hang solid when you hit
the Enter key.

This bug also has "hang" and "topembed+" keywords attached to it.
I would like to nominate bug 30431 - "Intellimouse Explorer Backwards and
Forwards button support."

The bug was opened 2000-03-04 11:33, has 34 votes, and has a patch.
Depends on: 142873
To help prevent profile corruption, we need a better warning in prefs.js against
manually editing that file. Nominating bug 142590. The existing patch changes
only the comment at the top of prefs.js.
No longer depends on: 142873
Re-adding 142873 from blizzard. Removed in mid-air collision with xah?
Depends on: 142873
Depends on: 143031
Depends on: 142843
Depends on: 129980
I nominate the following bugs:
bug 32218 (Mozilla needs an updated splash screen) --> it is really time to fix it!
bug 37589 (Strange dots next to Slashdot news headers) --> a patch seems to exist
bug 62046 (ALT text isn't displayed when image loading disabled) -->
accessibility flaws!
bug 131106 (Bad behaviour of automatic reassignment of filetype handler) -->
very annoying!
No longer depends on: 70083, 129279
No longer depends on: 128150
Depends on: 139877
Depends on: 143141
No longer depends on: 139335
Depends on: 140767
Depends on: 119360
any chance to get Bug 61893 - Form data not being mailed when using mailto: in
form action attribute (eg <form>) [form sub]
nominated ? its blocks 5 other bugs and is a serious advocacy problem
No longer depends on: 76431
I would suggest bug 91417 ... Renders history almost unusable for me. :(((
Depends on: 91417
Wesha, feel free to nominate bugs in a commetn but don't directly change the
No longer depends on: 91417
Depends on: 91417
Aaron: feel free to nominate bugs in a comment but don't directly change the
No longer depends on: 91417

I had that bug open before you erased that dependency, but added myself
afterwards.  You'd think that bugzilla would generate a collision, but I guess
please dont forget 
bug 133351 (does have a patch and r=) and 
bug 127857 (already fixed on trunk)
What about 69070 ( or 91316 for DoS possibility).
Mozilla still eats keyboard input all the time.
(But, with rc1.0, we can KILL keyboard eating mozilla 
with mouse, it seems. Don't know why the well publicized
DoS possibility has remained open. NS 4.77 on Linux
has fixed this, it seems. )

RC2 is out. This bug should be resolved fixed.
Aye, that it should.
Closed: 23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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