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Account Settings Signature text box needs a minimum vertical height


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Thunderbird 56.0
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The Account Settings window automatically gets a vertical scrollbar as needed for short monitors.  Unfortunately, it first reduces the height of the Signature text box to the point that it is extremely difficult to use.

It would be nice if the Signature text box had a minimum height of at least two lines.

This problem is easy to reproduce on any monitor by dragging up the bottom of the Account Settings window.
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This gives the signatureBox a minimal height which can't be undercut.

I added it directly to the XUL instead to the CSS files because this is more a flex change than a style change. I set 80px because when we have already a signature in the box which overflows we have scrollbars and make it tinier could lead us to see only the scrollbars.
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Ah, forgot: Sorry, the patch has a lot of whitespace changes. We should really cleanup mailnews like we've done for mail. What do you think?
I'm having a bad time with this bug. I'm editing
to try various sizes but the changes don't take effect. In the end, I had to do a full build which takes 4 minutes.

I think 80px is much too high. I think 50px is OK, at that size you can fit two lines and the scroll bars are always visible.
How about 60px?
This is about a min-size, right? Not about a "best" size. 50px fits 2.5 lines and has a scrollbar. 60px fits tree lines which I think isn't necessary for minimum height.

Anyway, you're the UX boss, so if they are compelling reasons for 60px, I won't argue.
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Okay, with min-height: 50px.
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Sure ;-)
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This is worth being uplifted since the totally collapsed box looks rather ugly.
Risk: Zero ;-)
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