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Fix TextureClient assertion with OMTP


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When OMTP is enabled we lock TextureClients, record draw commands, then unlock them. This breaks an assertion that the borrowed DrawTarget is not used after unlocking [1]. This assertion is important in that doing so violates the API contract of Lock/Unlock. It's hard to fix the expected refcount since the ref could be added or dropped asynchronously.

Looking at the API, it seems kind of pointless these days. It was designed for supporting different backends that might have various locking requirements, but (1) none of the backends we use have granular locks anymore, (2) we do not want more backends, ever, and (3) OMTP fundamentally breaks the way the API is supposed to work anyway, since we'd have to lock on one thread and unlock on another.

I'd like to see if we can't rework how the locking/unlocking happens just enough to bypass all the non-OMTP code. If it looks too difficult we can just flag the TC (maybe via OpenMode) to silence the assertion.

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All the classes involved here are super intertwined, so this patch just tries to bypass the assertion when async painting.
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::: gfx/layers/CompositorTypes.h
@@ +256,5 @@
> +
> +  // This is only used in conjunction with OMTP to indicate that the DrawTarget
> +  // that is being borrowed will be painted asynchronously, and so will outlive
> +  // the write lock.
> +  OPEN_ASYNC_WRITE = 0x08

Can just use 0x4 here?
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Yup, will fix that.
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Don't assert about borrowed DT refcounts when async painting. (bug 1381393, r=mattwoodrow)
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