Open Bug 1381425 Opened 6 years ago Updated 6 days ago

use HTTP OMT data delivery while loading CSS stylesheet


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, enhancement, P3)




Performance Impact ?
Tracking Status
firefox57 --- wontfix


(Reporter: schien, Unassigned)


layout/style/Loader use nsUnicharStreamLoader to load entire stylesheet before parsing. In order to utilize HTTP off-main-thread data delivery, we might be able to make nsUnicharStreamLoader to redirect ODA to stream transport thread pool.
Priority: -- → P3
To be noticed that Stylo uses to load the stylesheet. We'll need to make it OMT ODA capable as well.
Severity: normal → S3
Performance Impact: --- → ?

:jesup, could you elaborate on why the performance impact was set to ? ? Is there a blocker bug that could provide more context?

Flags: needinfo?(rjesup)

This should move CSS loading Off MainThread, which should help pageload and/or responsiveness during pageload.

Flags: needinfo?(rjesup)
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