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Resource Timing API not showing correct resources in Selenium


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I have geckodriver latest version installed and I am running latest Firefox version. I wrote a selenium script to just open a URL in firefox and keep the browser open (I am not calling driver.close() or driver.quit())

Here is what the script looks like

    from selenium import webdriver
    driver = webdriver.Firefox()

The number of resources reported by Resource Timing API is > 100 for this website. Now, the website is just reloaded again, so that the resources are fetched from cache. NOTE: I refreshed by just pressing enter in the address bar

The number of resources reported by Resource Timing API is < 40. Same is the discrepancy with the number of resources in Developer Tools in Networks tab. This is happening for every website.

This is not happening if I just run plain Firefox and refresh the page in the same way. The resources number match always, irrespective of the number of times I refresh the web page.
This sounds like a resource timing API bug, I'm not sure how/if DevTools is involved here.
Component: Developer Tools → DOM
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: DOM → Networking
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It's not even happening for Selenium. Here is the related issue with screenshots which I created after more testing
I'm fairly sure this is the same as bug 1113676. That stalled because I wasn't able to figure out what was causing some intermittent oranges. Maybe I can find the cycles to pick it up again.
Depends on: 1113676
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