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Label the EverySecondTelemetryCallback_m runnable


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This runnable happens pretty often. It will need to be labeled. It would be nice if we could use SystemGroup here. But it seems possible that we read data that needs to be read when no other runnables are running.

I also wonder if this runnable could be run at idle priority. That would solve the labeling issue and also improve performance.
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Up-ing priority as I learned this is part of the remaining 3% of unlabeled runnables we need to make the concurrent scheduler work effectively for project quantum.
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Nico, can you do this one? If not, I can do it.
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Jan-Ivar, sure.
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Gentle ping here :)
Thanks for the poke.
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This looks like it labeled in Bug 1377222.
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Andrew, could you double check me on comment 6 before I close?
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That change just gave it a name. The problem here is the SetTarget call:

We need the target to be the result of calling EventTargetFor on some SchedulerGroup: either the SystemGroup or a DocGroup or TabGroup. If we use the SystemGroup, that means that the timer code is not allowed to modify any state in a way that would be observable by web content. If we use a DocGroup or TabGroup, that means that the timer can modify state in a way that is observable only by the document or tab in question.

So the main issue here is what EverySecondTelemetryCallback_m is actually doing and whether it modifies state in an observable way.
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Is this landable? :)
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Bug 1381627 - EverySecondTelemetryCallback target

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(In reply to Andrew Overholt [:overholt] from comment #12)
> Is this landable? :)

Yes, review pending.
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Bug 1381627 - EverySecondTelemetryCallback target
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