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fix mochitest-chrome failure in devtools/ when data: URI is unique origin.


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firefox56 --- fixed


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::: devtools/shared/webconsole/test/test_commands_other.html
@@ +78,2 @@
>    info ("Waiting for content window to load");
> +  startTest();

Hi smaug
now I open a http page, the gWin.onload won't be called,
I guess this is because the gWin is not in the same origin(now test_commands_other.html is a chrome test)

However, even I try to do window.opener.postMessage in empty.html, it says "Permission denied to access property postMessage'

Do you have any suggestion to know that empty.html is loaded?

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What is opener here? That kind of security exception sounds odd. Is opener a chrome window and window itself non-chrome window? I mean, what kind of principals they have?
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Hi pbro
I found you turn off r? flag for now, if you are too busy to review this, can you help to forward the r? to right one?

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Part 1: fix failures  in devtools/

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I'm actually going away later today, I have already turned off review requests to avoid getting a big one I know I can't do in one day. But this is a small one, so I've done it now.
Thanks for working on this.
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Part 2: use legacy data: URI behavior to run test.

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Assigning this console-related one to bgrins.
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Part 1: fix mc1 failures in devtools/ when data: URI is unique origin. r=pbro
Part 2: use legacy data: URI behavior to run test. r=bgrins
Closed: 2 years ago
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