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Add context menu/long-press handler to GeckoView's content delegate


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We should provide a way for a GeckoView client to handle long-press events on certain content types like links and images.
With this patch we expose the "contextmenu" through GeckoView.ContentDelegate.onContextMenu, providing the screen coordinates of the long press/right click, a basic type ("link", "image") of the context and its URI.

This should be enough for basic context menu implementations.
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::: mobile/android/chrome/geckoview/GeckoViewContent.js
@@ +73,5 @@
>      switch (aEvent.type) {
> +      case "contextmenu":
> +        let context = null;
> +        let uri = null;
> +        if ( {

Fennec shows two "tabs" with both the link and image options if you click a linked image. We'd need to support that same sort of functionality if we want to replicate what Fennec does.

::: mobile/android/geckoview/src/main/java/org/mozilla/gecko/
@@ +1175,5 @@
>          void onFullScreen(GeckoView view, boolean fullScreen);
> +
> +
> +        void onContextMenu(GeckoView view, int screenX, int screenY,
> +                           String type, String uri);

Don't use a string for the type, use an enum or at least an integer with some constants defined.
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With this patch, we support links (with nested nodes), images and image-links (images nested in link nodes), which should be sufficient to replicate Fennec's behavior.

I've also removed the context type since it can be implied from the provided callback arguments (for links uri will be set, for images imageSrc).
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(In reply to Eugen Sawin [:esawin] from comment #3)
> With this patch, we support links (with nested nodes), images and
> image-links (images nested in link nodes), which should be sufficient to
> replicate Fennec's behavior.

Not quite - what about media elements?
Good point, Jan!

We should enable it for all media elements.
At this point, we might also want to provide some attributes besides the source.
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Seems fine for now, and I guess the picture of what else might be needed will become clearer anyway once we actually attempt to use this.
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[1.1] Add context menu event handler to the content delegate. r=snorp
[2.1] Add default/stub implementations of the context menu handlers. r=snorp
[3.0] Add context menu support for media elements. r=snorp
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Product: Firefox for Android → GeckoView
Target Milestone: Firefox 56 → mozilla56
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