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Intermittent browser/components/extensions/test/browser/test-oop-extensions/browser_ext_devtools_panels_elements.js | Got the expected onSelectionChanged once the tab navigated - Got BODY, expected undefined


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:andym, this has a high failure rate last week and a higher failure rate this week (when looking at the graph for august).  can you find someone to look into this as it appears to be a persistent failure.
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Skip test browser_ext_devtools_panels_elements.js for frequent intermittent failures; r=me,test-only
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Thanks Kris,
I didn't noticed that this test got disabled because of it is intermittent.

Looking at the source of these selection events, the onNewRoot handler from the devtools inspector:


I'm pretty sure that the reason of the intermittent failure is that:
- while the first `this.selection.setNodeFront(null);` is always guaranteed to be called 
- the second one (`this.selection.setNodeFront(defaultNode, "navigateaway");`) can be cancelled by the early return at line 774

I'm going to tweak the test so that it doesn't assume that it is always going to receive 2 `undefined` selections before the final 'new body element' selection (once the page has been completely reloaded and the devtools inspector and it finally fires the new body element as the new selected element).
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Bug 1382487 - Fix devtools onSelectionChanged API event test case intermittency.
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Fix devtools onSelectionChanged API event test case intermittency. r=aswan
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