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Make safer DNS choices for testing URLs


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firefox57 --- wontfix


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In bug 1382858, the trees were closed because of an unrelated-to-releng addition of '' as valid DNS.

* If you're hardcoding a fully qualified '', that seems like a footgun that might be found again.

* If you got bitten because of using a not-fully-qualified 'example' and a search of, you might want to consider
** something more greppable / less likely to be thought up hostname (ala never-make-this-address-exist.m.o)
** whether any other searches might spring into existence and cause a similar issue on a domain we do/don't control.

I don't know what the right fix is, and it might not happen again, but, for a tree-closing item, feels like this should at least not be lost from tracking.
We could probably use eslint to find some of these things earlier.
Type: defect → task
Component: Address Bar → General
Severity: minor → N/A
Product: Firefox → Testing
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