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Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | /cssom-view/elementFromPoint.html | Fieldsets - expected FAIL


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(firefox56 fixed)

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firefox56 --- fixed


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These were apparently only running against m-c until a patch currently on autoland turned them on elsewhere. So expect more failures to flood in now.
james: can you take a look, this is happing frequently
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Bug 1383056 - Disable unstable elementFromPoint test on win 10,

thanks james!
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Disable unstable elementFromPoint test on win 10, r=Tomcat
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So there is definitely an issue here, and I suspect it's the test, not Firefox.  If you look  at every single browser fails the "Fieldsets" test over there.  But when I test locally by just loading I get a pass in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (didn't test Edge).
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I think looking at stable releases here is misleading, for prerelease browsers there are a lot of passes:

On linux using nightly I can't make the test fail, and it looks like the issue is almost entirely on Windows 10. My guess is that it's either that the test is making inaccurate assumptions about what the control looks like on Windows, or that it's somehow focus related.
I can't make the test fail on Windows 10 either. Given that this was disabled a year ago and the test has different behaviour in nightly and stable, I'm guessing it's OK to reenable the test on Windows now.
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> Given that this was disabled a year ago and the test has different behaviour in nightly and stable

Hmm.  I was getting passes in stable too, but I do see that in wpt automation at least it passes in nightlies.

Filed bug 1502948 to re-enable.
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