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Intermittent marionette | Return code: 1 (Marionette headless)


(Testing :: Marionette, defect)

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(firefox56 fixed)

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firefox56 --- fixed


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Brendan, this started to happen today very often on Windows 10 only for Marionette headless. Can you please have a look?
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This looks to be a perma failure now. Even for test jobs from older commits where tests formerly passed. I wonder if something changed on the Windows workers, which caused this problem with headless tests.
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There are two assertions visible:

15:21:46     INFO -  [Child 10568] ###!!! ASSERTION: wrong view for widget?: 'this == nsView::GetViewFor(aWidget)', file z:/build/build/src/view/nsView.cpp, line 1076
15:21:46     INFO -  [Child 10568] ###!!! ASSERTION: wrong view manager: 'aView->GetViewManager() == this', file z:/build/build/src/view/nsViewManager.cpp, line 302
CC'ing some people who are sheriffing those days to make them aware of those failures. Not sure which summary to use here to make it easier to star on Treeherder.
Neither summary will make this show as a suggestion on Treeherder, as both are explicitly ignored as unhelpful.
Building now, will take a look.
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just responding to the ni to say that the worker type in question (gecko-t-win10-64) has not changed since July 13th.
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Use at minimum a 1,1 draw target in headless. r=jrmuizel
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