Firefox Sync page shows Download Firefox button twice when user is in Firefox


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11 months ago
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11 months ago
During a user testing session, a user had Googled "firefox account" and eventually found the /firefox/sync marketing page.

Even though the participant was using Firefox and was looking to sign in to Sync there were two Download Firefox buttons that preceded the "Get started with Sync" button that was further down the page. 

This problem exists on both Android and Mac platforms and is a regression from the previous page.
Confirmed with Jenny yesterday.


11 months ago
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11 months ago
Confirming we will revisit the states/functionality of this page.
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11 months ago
To confirm: The user was on a Mac, user was visiting the site w. Fx (assuming version 31+) and user was logged into Fx Account.

Based on the description (the user was looking to sign in, but not signed in), this does not sound like a regression, but simply the result of a change in the design of the page to conform with that of the Firefox hub features pages (even though changes were needed from the feature template), where the Global Nav has a download button on the top right, the Firefox Sync hero section ( static across all user states) has a download button and the Sync section changes according state, providing the copy/CTA/links. In this case the user above saw all those things, with the most important one being the messaging 'Get started w. Sync' as they were on Fx but not logged into their Account.

I can't test with Android, but if someone who can will confirm they see the image here or not then we can confirm if there's an issue -
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11 months ago
Created attachment 8892977 [details]

This is what the user saw in a fresh Firefox (never signed in to Sync). It looks the same in release as in Nightly.

The "Get started with Sync" button is the 3rd call to action, 900 pixels down the page.

It should ideally be first, as there is no need for a download button if the user is already using Firefox.
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This is also happening on the Send Tab page.


10 months ago
Depends on: 1393548, 1393549
Both of these pages have been redesigned and have a strong FxA CTA front and center[0]. Both blocking bugs are closed. The "Download Firefox" button persists in the top bar, but changing that would be a site-wide design concern. Marking this as fixed, reopen if not true.

Last Resolved: 5 months ago
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