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Enable overrides to be targeted to either desktop or mobile


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We need a way for overrides to target either mobile or desktop if we want the GoFaster addon running in both environments - running Fennec overrides on Desktop is not a good idea.
Eric, as discussed on IRC, here is a pull request for you to look at. Also, as discussed, this includes two changes at once, but these are dependent on each others.

The first commit actually is part of bug 1338586 (as stated in the commit message, which oddly look very similar). Here, I adjust the `install.rdf` to allow the addon to actually be installed on Fennec. I also wrote a jake job that exports the extension files to `mobile/android/extensions/webcompat`. I doubt you need to roll your own Fennec build to test the changes, but if you want to, I can walk you through.

The second commit extends our user agent override object by the `applications` property. This allows us to have user agent overrides running on either Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, or both. I hope the documentation on that as well as the code is understandable without me explaining everything else, but feel free to ping me.
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Are we really still waiting on review here? What's the status Dennis?
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(I suppose I could ask Eric as well...)
It's an old review request, I think it's not blocked by me. Remove the request for now. Add me anytime if need me.
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Yes, Eric is right. I should have removed the r?, but stuff happened outside of Bugzilla. Will re-r? as soon as possible, and I can guarantee it will happen this week!

Sorry for the confusion, and sorry for keeping this r? flag in your queue, Eric!
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This has been implemented in this PR, with r+ from :twisniewski.
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