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Intermittent dom/tests/browser/browser_focus_steal_from_chrome_during_mousedown.js | The input element isn't active element: button=0 - "body" == "willBeFocused" -


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firefox58 --- fixed
firefox59 --- fixed


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In the last 7 days there have been 45 failures. 
Most of the failures occur on the linux x64 platform. There are also some failures that occur on linux and windows 7 platforms and very low number (1 to 3 failures) on other platforms like: linux32-stylo-disabled, linux64-stylo-disabled, windows10-64-stylo-disabled, windows7-32-stylo-disabled, windows7-32-nightly.

The failures mostly occur on the opt build type, but there are some on pgo too and a single failure on debug.

:overholt, could you please take a look?
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Nika touched this patch a year or so ago so maybe has some ideas :)
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Previously this was safe, as the synthesized mouse event would be processed in
the child process, updating the focus state, in order - before the content
process would try to check its focus state. Now, thanks to multiple event queues
work, this isn't guaranteed.

This patch just adds retrying to the logic, so we retry up to 10 times, 100ms
apart. This should ensure that we don't incorrectly detect a test failure

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Avoid racy check of focus manager in content process

Review of attachment 8927951 [details] [diff] [review]:

Seems fine for now, but in the long run we probably want 1240052 to be implemented.
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Avoid racy check of focus manager in content process, r=enndeakin
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