New update of Lightning 5.4 disabled DUO / Google Calendar access



Provider: GData
3 months ago
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3 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

A continuous problem for the environment I have, Google calendar behind DUO login requirement for 2 part authentication.

Actual results:

After the upgrade to Lightning 5.4, my calender access to google failed and I am no longer able to access or update certain aspects of my calendar.  Some that do not require the DUO access (which cannot be turned off) still display, but all are locked.  I have this problem on all versions of Thunderbird I am running on 5 different machinces I am running.  3 are running Windows 10, 2 are running Linux, one, 16.04 and other 14.04.  Some are virtual environments under Oracles Virtual box.  All have the same problem.

The file below PDF is a set of screen I captured along the way include the log file from Thunderbird.

Expected results:

Before the update from 4.7 to 5.4 Lightning, there were no problems.  No I have no access. Not sure what else I can do as the Log file indicates a number of "unexpected errors".

Comment 1

3 months ago
Which duo product are you using?
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Hey Mel, can you send me the email you are using to log in? I tried the email you used when sending me private email me but that said it found no Google Account. I will not be trying to log in as you, but need something to trigger your DUO page. I've tested this with Mozilla's DUO auth and it works fine there.
Component: Untriaged → Provider: GData
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 5.0 → unspecified

Comment 3

3 months ago
Sure, the google account is "" sorry about that.

Is there anything else I can send you?  I really appreciate your looking into this.

It is consistent with every version I run.  I was waiting to test my Virtual Linux last night and my two windows systems.  The both upgraded and then gave the error.

I even completely wiped out my Thunderbird and started again from a complete reinstalled on one computer to no avail.

The DUO on my phone is: 3.16.4 Build 316403

No version number is listed on the DUO screen asking for authentication, but when I click on 'what is this' it goes here:

The other button just give the CMU help center.
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Comment 4

2 months ago
I tried it this morning and the DUO appeared to work.  I had to recreate the calendar, but everything loaded correctly and now I am able to enter into the calendar on Thunderbird and have the entries reflected on my calendar on Google.  All appears to work.
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