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Update Debugger frontend (7/25/2017).


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Firefox 56
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firefox56 --- fixed


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I seem to have spotted a regression worth investigating.

- add a breakpoint
- hit the breakpoint
- resize firefox to switch back and forth between horz/vert layouts
- try to step over / continue -> buttons no longer work

In the browser console I get "TypeError: selectedSource.get is not a function[Learn More]"

Sidenote: tag is missing for v0.9.0 on GitHub. Also package.json still contains 0.6.0 :D
The reason I'm bugging you about this is that, as a reviewer, I like to have an idea of what I am testing in a bundle. 
What are the new features, what are the bug fixes etc... Not that I want to validate everything, but if I see anything that might behave differently in the toolbox vs in launchpad, I'll do some extra testing there.
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(Probably better to fwd the r? to someone else by the way, won't really have time this week)
Nice find with the regression. 

Oh shit, i've forgotten about doing package.json because it's not an NPM publish. I'll update the release.
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LGTM! reported regression has been fixed.
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Upgrade Debugger Frontend v0.10 (7/25). r=jdescottes
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Depends on: 1388128
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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