Tooltips are broken for macros that use custom link text

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a year ago
What did you do?
Many macro links in the MDN wiki use custom titles, such as the "specified value" links on One can hover over macro links to read a tooltip.

What happened?
Even for valid links, when there is custom link text the link tooltip reads, "The documentation about this has not yet been written."

What should have happened?
The tooltip should work even when custom link text is used in the link.

Is there anything else we should know?
The macro code looks like this: {{cssxref("specified_value", "specified value")}} , where the second argument is the custom link text.
Component: KumaScript → Macros/Templates
Product: Mozilla Developer Network → Developer Documentation

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a year ago
I have submitted an update to my recent cssxref PR which should fix this issue:
Assignee: nobody → eshepherd
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