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fix pocket preffing causing non-local connection test failures


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Firefox 56
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Turning on pocket feeds by default in our github repo is causing our mochitests and talos tests on pine to fail.  We need to make sure this is fixed before we do our next export to mozilla-central.
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This patch should staunch the bleeding.  I'm not sure it's the right fix for the slightly longer term (we probably want dummy data for the pocket feeds in the integration tests), but we need to staunch the bleeding ASAP so that we can land the latest activity-stream bits in mozilla-central to get them in nightly for telemetry and other reasons.

I'm working on testing this change locally and on pine to see if it fixes the problem.  Unfortunately, since artifact builds are busted, I've had to do a fresh debug build, which is taking a while...
This patch fixes talos and mochitests, but, oddly, not reftests.
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Bug 1384721 - fix pocket network activity during tests,
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fix pocket network activity during tests, r=Mardak
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