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8 months ago
>> Mozilla Team/Department
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
We would like to send emails to our mailing list directly to keep participants up to date with new experiments, experiment updates etc.
>> How will you nurture these relationships?
We would like to be able to deploy emails on schedule with experiment releases, major updates, and graduations. Doing so will let us better communicate major product changes to our audience. Our user research suggests our users want more regular updates than we are currently able to provide. 
>> How will success be measured?
10% CTR on new experiment emails
3-5% CTR on update/graduation emails.
>> What is the risk to not doing this?
Low. Our team has copywriting and email templating experience. We also attract lead/early adopter users.
>> What's the timeline for launch?
Thanks, John! I just invited you to our next LCM intake mtg on Monday, 9am PT in Michele Warther's Vidyo so we can talk next steps.
Hey, John. We missed you today! Can you come to next week's LCM mtg on Monday, 9am PT?

Thank you,
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8 months ago
Yes, sorry, I was double booked with my Test Pilot dev meeting. We are launching tomorrow, so i really had to be there, and I forgot to give you all a heads up. I will be there next week!
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No worries! See you next week! (Nice demo today on the call btw :) )

In the meantime, you can check out this doc that walks you through some how-to's of our email system (setting up an email, navigating our email system, etc.):
Heads up/FYI - github thread with someone asking about 3rd email in signup series:
Hey John, Thanks for coming today! 

Action items:
1) John - let us know the individuals that need training in-addition to yourself.

2) John - add those individuals to this bug, and review these training docs ahead of in-person training via Vidyo:

3) Jess - add to LCM backlog for upcoming sprint planning consideration. Update bug here when story to begin training has been prioritized.

Notes from LCM intake are here:
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7 months ago
Adding Wil Clouser and Sharon Bautista.
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Thanks, John!

I'm stalking calendars of these folks for training within the next week:

John Gruen
Wil Clouser
Sharon Bautista

Stay tuned for more training info via email & let me know if I should include anyone else.
Twas lovely to see you 3 for training last week. You have the training materials, video recording, and next steps in your inboxes.

When you want to send an email, please file a new Email request bug at least 2 weeks before you want to send:

This way we can be available to answer any questions you have with setting up you first email & help walk you through your first send.

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