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rustc cannot be found in the path if given path uses ~ for the user's home directory


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I added "~/.cargo/bin" to my PATH variable (and restarted my shell) and continued to get the error:

    ERROR: Rust compiler not found.
    To compile rust language sources, you must have 'rustc' in your path.

I ran |which rustc| which returned "/home/ksteuber/.cargo/bin/rustc", indicating that rustc in fact *is* in my path. I poked to try to determine how it was discovered that rustc was not in my path and found mozilla-central/third-party/python/which/ I noticed that a call to "os.path.expanduser" was conspicuously absent.

Changing my PATH variable to instead contain "${HOME}/.cargo/bin" caused the error to go away.
This change seems to be within third-party code. The header indicates that the home page for this project is here [1], but that URL simply loads a "Not Found" page. Does this change need to be made upstream, or should we just incorporate the change into our own codebase?

If we do incorporate the change into just our own codebase, who do I get to review this?

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~ is a shell primitive. ~ is typically expanded when PATH is evaluated by your shell. That's why it is arguably OK to not expand ~ in PATH.

Since you are the first person to complain about this issue AFAIK, I'm going to assert that ~ in PATH isn't a common thing and shouldn't be supported.

Is there a good reason to support ~ in PATH?
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While the shell is happy to expand the ~ character, it does not expand the PATH variable on assignment and we are not determining the file's existence in the path with the shell. We are determining it with os.path.isfile [1], which does not expand the ~ character.

But as to "Is there a good reason to support ~ in PATH?": Isn't there? Does it really make sense for our build system to impose requirements on how my PATH is formed?

If you really do prefer to do it this way, please rephrase the error message "To compile rust language sources, you must have 'rustc' in your path". rustc is in my path. This error message is therefore incorrect.

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GNU which supports ~ expansion.

It is a legitimate feature request to want our build system to do ~ expansion in PATH.

The which Python package appears to be dead. I'm not opposed to landing patches to it in-tree. Flag me for review if you want to change it.

Long term, we probably want to move off the which package because it is dead. There are other changes we want to make (like bug 1382940) that may require enough changes for us to just reinvent the functionality somewhere in the mozbuild package land. But that's beyond the scope of this bug.
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Bug 1384731 - Allow which to find files in paths that use the ~ character to represent the home directory
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Allow which to find files in paths that use the ~ character to represent the home directory r=gps
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