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Mobile firefox deeplinks are redirecting to alternate-app links which are not closing by themselves after redirecting to app


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Steps to reproduce:

Device: Any Android device
OS version: 4.4.2 & higher
Firefox browser version: 54.0.1

1) Go to playstore and install the Amazon music Android app
2) Sign in using a valid Amazon account
3) Open following deeplink url by copying and pasting it in firefox browser:

Actual results:

Deeplink opens a deepview which promptly redirects to an url upon app detection, which then opens the Amazon music app

After going to the music app when we press back button we see a blank page.
Blank page persists until two more back button clicks after which we are taken back to the deepview

Expected results:

Deeplink opens a deepview which promptly opens the Amazon music app
Any 307 redirects that happen in between should be killed upon app detection before redirecting to app.
probably need both platform/front-end to look into this? ni snorp and nechen
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We are able to reproduce this behavior in another flow if that is helpful too. You need not have the Amazon Music app installed on Android, so just follow these steps:

1. Navigate Firefox to
2. Tap on the album art
3. A new tab is opened (due to target="_blank" on the link) which returns 307 redirect to app store intent URI

Expected: The new tab should close itself since it has no HTML content and is opening another app

Actual: new blank tab stays open and app store opens. Upon hitting back button, the blank tab is present and confusing.
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Jim can you see if there's something we can do?
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Bump any update?
Looking into it
Ever confirmed: true
Any updates or ETA?
You can compare with testing the above mentioned url in Chrome browser for expected behavior.
The problem mentioned in comment 0 seems to be fixed in Nightly? If I open that link, the music app opens, but if I press back, it goes back to the mobile site directly; there are no blank pages in-between.

The problem mentioned in comment 2 is still there, pressing back returns to the blank page that the target=_blank link opened.
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Bug 1385124 - Close tab when new tab redirects to external app;

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Close tab when new tab redirects to external app; r=sebastian
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Is this something that we should nominate for Beta approval or can it ride the 58 train?
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Let it ride the train IMO.
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