Enabling "Show only subscribed folders" has no effect



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Steps to reproduce:

Created an IMAP account to link a runbox.com mailbox, subscribed to only desired folders, enabled "Show only subscribed folders".  Restarted and double-checked settings; no effect.

Actual results:

All folders, both subscribed and unsubscribed, are visible.

Some names are bold, for no apparent reason, and have non-zero message counts.  Some names are italic, for no apparent reason, and have no message counts.

Expected results:

Unsubscribed folders should be more absent from my life than flying pink unicorns.

This definitely used to work, to the point that it is specifically cited as working in runbox.com's Thunderbird Setup Guide, here:

Toggline the checkbox over and over, toggling and restarting, toggling random numbers of times between restarts, etc., unsubscribing and resubscribing, etc., none of these had any effect.  The checkbox, as near as I can tell, is no longer connected to any running logic.

Comment 1

a year ago
Works fine for my IMAP account with my mail provider: Uncheck the box and the unsubscribed folders show, check the box and they disappear.

Another case for Gene to look at.
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Comment 2

a year ago
I created a free 30 day test account at runbox.com. When I start up I see a gray/italic "Templates" folder that I can't save a template to in tb. When I go into runbox webmail and create a "Templates" folder all is well for saving templates in tb.

The folders I see at first in tb are the usual six:

Inbox (bold w/2 unread) , Drafts, Templates (grayed out until created in webmail), Sent, Spam and Trash.

In runbox webmail I see all but Templates until I create it.

In tb when I unsubscribe all possible folers I then see only

Inbox, Trash

If I change the delete mode to "just mark as deleted" and made sure Trash is not subscribed and restart tb then Trash is also hidden.

If I create my own folders, I can hide and un-hide them too via subscribe dialog.

So the only folder I see that absolutely won't hide is Inbox which seems reasonable. Trash won't hide if delete mode uses it which seem probably acceptable. I see the same behavior on other accounts (i.e., charter, outlook).

Reporter, is the account you set-up a new account or existing account. Not sure why this would matter, however. Do you see the same inital mailboxes that I describe above? Can you create a new mailbox folder and hide/un-hide it via the subscribe dialog?

You mention clicking the boxes and also doing subscribe/unsubscribe. Just to be certain, when you unsubscribe a mailbox, you uncheck the box beside the name (or select the name and click unsubscribe button) and then click "OK" to dismiss the dialog to cause the unsubscribe (hide) to occur.

Also, you mention bold folder names with no unread or any messages inside. Which folders are these? Also, which are gray? I only see inbox as bold with 2 unread messages from Runbox. All others are empty but not grey/italic, except Templates).

Finally, please verify the tb version you are using. Above say 52. Is that right?
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Comment 3

a year ago
Thank you for your diligent testing.

My account on this system has approximately 50 IMAP folders.  The account has been in use for some fifteen years, and contains probably 80,000 messages, with a total storage requirement of about 2 GB.

At the moment, I'm wondering if perhaps it hasn't fully synced.  I'm going to try a few things to verify that.  Could an incomplete sync cause this issue?

I'll try creating some folders in Thunderbird and see if those show/hide; that's a good idea.  Likewise, did you happen to try creating a folder on Runbox via Runbox's web interface, rather than creating them in Thunderbird?  My folders pre-date my usage of Thunderbird.

The grayed out folders are indeed all user-created custom folders.  One of them is a child folder of a folder which is also grayed out.  The majority of all folders are grayed out.

There does not appear to be anything special about the grayed-out folders vs the non-grayed ones; they do not have similar creation dates or naming issues, or anything like that.  I can't see any special pattern.

BTW, this workstation is set up for a pretty wide range of development tasks; I can potentially do a local build of Thunderbird if there's specific state data that would be helpful.  


Comment 4

a year ago
Something may very well be wrong with sync.  Clicking on any listed mail at this point is just leaving the content pane blank.

Are there some environment variables I can set to see some checkpoint or debugging messages that might be of interest?

Comment 5

a year ago
Are you syncing the complete messages and headers or just headers? Just headers would require much less data transfer from the server. You might try re-doing the sync by deleting all the folder data from your profile using the OS file manager or whatever. Another way might be to just use the "repair folder" function under the folder's right-click properties. You could try this on a grayed out folders.
The largest I have tried to sync is maybe 6k messages split mostly between inbox and sent.
It seems to me the "best" way to sync a lot of messages is to select one folder and let it completely come in, then move down to to the next one and let in come in.
However, I don't think I have seen a partial or ongoing sync cause a grayed out folder but you have many more folders than I do.
Also, you can't completely "trust" the counts you see at the bottom while sync is occurring. This has been fixed and will be in a later as yet unreleased version. 
Right off, I don't know of any debug info that would be helpful. You could obtain an imap log using the method described here:
On linux I do this in a terminal to run tb and produce the log that you can look at while tb is running:

export NSPR_LOG_FILE=/home/gene/imap.log
rm ~/imap.log ; thunderbird

The imap.log will get pretty big especially with all your folders and emails!
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