multiple instances are not independent.



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Build ID: 20161213183751

Steps to reproduce:

i open seamonkey
i went to a web site which sometimes creates lopping javascript or bad script (very bug) which freezes seamonkey (Like this week).

Actual results:

i saw the site is not display then the cpu ressource & memory grows very quickly.
once it's append, i open another instance of seamonkey.

the second instance is waiting (for signal i guess) from the old instance of seamonkey to be ready to be available.
Once you get the error message from the old instance (  the you can use the new instance.

Expected results:

the new instance should not wait any signal or (permission) from the old instance.

i'm sorry if i can't provide a "buggy script" which can re-create the bug, it is just an example of ****-Js script there. I hope you have other example to test the problem.

So in less words , i owuld describe the problem as : "the new instance is not available while the "old bug one is in loop-process"

Comment 1

7 months ago
Not a security issue that needs to stay hidden.
Group: core-security-release
SeaMonkey is multithreaded but uses only one process. So even if you open a second instance it shares data and resources with the first. Currently this is the expected behaviour and by design. In the future e10s from Firefox might be ported to overcome these (bad) limitations. For now closing as invalid.
Last Resolved: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID

Comment 3

7 months ago
but there is a really strange behaviour :
-in the first session instance, i always start some slow downloads which are managed by the download manager of that instance.
-then i suddenly felt into a **** webpage with loop javascript
-by experience, i knew that loop will be overload my system (memory or cpu) and in the end will terminated (abord - cancel) my current download
- so i discover that idea to quickly open another seamonkey instance which (i don't know why) that the relay of caring the download manager. So i can terminate the first seamonkey instance (windows task manager) without lost my current download.

i guess the most recent instance of seamonkey acquiers (steal?) the "download manager" process of the previous existent instance.
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