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Support L10n project configuration in Pontoon


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There's a bunch of project configuration changes that we want to do, in the line of

One interesting twist is how and where to store the information about locales that we want to enable on pontoon beyond what's in project config.

Should that be in pontoon, or should that be in project config?
To add a little bit more context, this brings several benefits, among which are:

1. The ability to expose the right files for the right locale. For projects using bilingual file formats like, Pontoon already has some built-in logic that can achieve the same result. By using l10n project configuration files, we can generalize this to all file formats and simplify the logic.

2. The ability to expose the right files for the right project. Pontoon is currently unable to expose shared strings to multiple projects. For example, a lot of strings are shared between Firefox for Android and Firefox Desktop, but we only expose them under the Firefox project.

3. Easier detection of source and localization files during sync. Pontoon currently requires projects to follow some rules on where they put localization files and then tries to detect them. This makes the codebase more complex and slows down sync a little.

4. No more hard-coding of things like the one described in bug 1209375.

5. The ability to show file-level priority in deadline information.

With the exception of #2, this seems pretty straightforward to implement.


What is the use case for locales enabled in Pontoon, but not in project config?
Priority: -- → P2
Summary: Support project configuration in pontoon. → Support L10n project configuration in Pontoon
See Also: → 1213346
This bug has the potential of not never getting fixed, because the project config might be changing in the future.

Let's replace it with bugs that will track project config implementation feature-by-feature.

So far the following bugs have been filed:
- bug 1497850
- bug 1497851
- bug 1497858
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Webtools → Webtools Graveyard
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