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[LeanPlum] - Default browser is still triggered if app was set as default from another app

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Firefox for Android
8 months ago
3 days ago


(Reporter: BogdanS, Assigned: petru)


(Blocks: 1 bug)


Firefox Tracking Flags

(fennec+, firefox56- affected, firefox60blocking affected)


(Whiteboard: [Leanplum] [60])



8 months ago
 - LG G4 (Android 5.1);
 - Huawei MediaPad M2 (Android 5.1.1;

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Gmail and from any mail open and link;
2. When prompted to select a browser select Fennec and then tap on always (or check  use as default browser and tap on ok);
3. Open Fennec and trigger any Default Browser action.

Expected result:
 None of the Default Browser triggers should be triggered since Fennec is set as the Default Browser

Actual result:
 If Fennec is set as the Default Browser when opening up a link from another app the trigger still occurs.

 - When setting the app as the default browser from the settings everything works as expected.
 - The LG G4 with an android version of 5.1 does not have the option to set the Default Browser from the Settings menu.

Comment 1

8 months ago
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:
tracking-fennec: ? → +
tracking-firefox57: --- → ?

Comment 2

8 months ago
My understanding is MMA SDK integration is planned for 56, changing the tracking nom from 57 to 56.
tracking-firefox56: --- → ?
tracking-firefox57: ? → ---

Comment 3

8 months ago
Track 56+ as MMA SDK is enabled in 56.
tracking-firefox56: ? → +

Comment 4

7 months ago
We check if Fennec is set as default browser when we launch Fennec app.
That means if the default browser setting changes while the app is still running, we'll still think Fennec is not set as default.
This is a design limitation cause we shouldn't check the setting too often.
I think this bug should be marked as invalid and won't fix. thus shouldn't track for 56+
Flags: needinfo?(wehuang)
Flags: needinfo?(jcheng)
Flags: needinfo?(gchang)
Flags: needinfo?(bogdan.surd)
It's a good catch but a design limitation currently as Nevin said. Need a discussion with Product(maybe UX as well) to assess its priority. (personally prefer to fix it as P2, if feasible).

@Joe, how do you think?
Flags: needinfo?(wehuang)
currently we only promote setting default browser using dialog at app start so this bug seems to be avoided by our current campaign setup. We need to pay attention to this once we start using banner messages.
Flags: needinfo?(jcheng) → needinfo?(jcollings)


7 months ago
Flags: needinfo?(gchang)


7 months ago
Flags: needinfo?(jcollings)

Comment 7

7 months ago
There are other triggers we are using to get users to change their default browser to Firefox but the dialog at app start is the most successful one so far - agree, let's keep an eye on this when we start using banners.


7 months ago
Flags: needinfo?(bogdan.surd)

Comment 8

7 months ago
Please remove 56 tracking since I don't know when I will have time to fix it.
Assignee: cnevinchen → nobody
(In reply to Gerry Chang [:gchang] from comment #3)
> Track 56+ as MMA SDK is enabled in 56.

Hi Gerry, per comment 6 and comment 7 this is not blocking 56 (the "banner" feature is currently in the backlog, not yet implemented), would you help remove the tracking flag accordingly? Thanks.
Flags: needinfo?(gchang)


7 months ago
tracking-firefox56: + → -
Flags: needinfo?(gchang)
[triage] Bulk edit: product thinks leanplum is high priority: P1 rank 1.
Rank: 1
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [Leanplum]
Whiteboard: [Leanplum] → [Leanplum] [60]
Product team would like this fixed in 60, tracked as blocking to ensure it's closely monitored.
status-firefox60: --- → affected
tracking-firefox60: --- → blocking

Comment 12

24 days ago
Jean, per your comment here https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1385853#c7, what exactly do we need to do under this ticket? I'm not sure I understand the ask.
Flags: needinfo?(jcollings)

Comment 13

24 days ago
The main concern here is that we will show a "hey change your browser settings so that Firefox is your default browser" message to users who already have Firefox as a default. 

How do we make sure that we don't show this type of message to users who already set Firefox as default?


24 days ago
Flags: needinfo?(jcollings) → needinfo?(sdaswani)

Comment 14

21 days ago
Understood Jean, we will work on it for 60.
Flags: needinfo?(sdaswani)


4 days ago
Assignee: nobody → petru.lingurar
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