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Access-Control-Max-Age value to disable caching


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The current doc for the Access-Control-Max-Age header states that "A value of -1 will disable caching, requiring a preflight OPTIONS check for all calls." However, the header's value is documented to be of type delta-seconds, which is an unsigned integer (1*DIGIT, see [1]).

Additionally, the fetch spec doesn't mention -1 anywhere, but does refer to treating the value as 0 on error [2]. Looking through the Chrome code since that's what I had at hand, it treats -1 as a parse failure and falls back to its own default value (5 seconds) rather than disabling caching. On the other hand, setting Access-Control-Max-Age to 0 appears to actually disable caching.

I think the documentation should say that "A value of 0 will disable caching" instead.


FWIW there is a WPT test to ensure that max-age=-1 disables caching. It is true that according to the spec the -1 value isn't allowed but still that is something that servers can send browsers, so it's good to agree among browsers how it should be handled.

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