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bug 1381749 : Add keywords to new bug entry page
bug 1381751 : Re-arrange create button on new bug entry page
bug 1382085 : Add find_first_flag_type() to Bugzilla::Component
bug 1374396 : Create initial push connector for Phabricator
bug 1380352 : Comment box should be vertically resizable (and not horizontally resizable)
bug 1366143 : Fix alignment of select boxes
bug 1380727 : Update BMO Push Connector to Make Revisions Public when Bug Made Public
bug 1381869 : Use separate elasticsearch index for Bugzilla::User
bug 1381752 : Change the layout of the new bug form to be more usable
bug 1381567 : Weekly close of inactive Intermittent bugs without sending mails
bug 1380531 : Write initial CircleCI configuration for BMO
bug 1384100 : Lock out access to /new-bug in production
bug 1365983 : enter_bug.cgi should be updated to use "Data Platform and Tools"
bug 1378873 : user autocomplete no longer works for some strings
bug 1369211 : Remove the product dashboard extension as it exists
bug 1383802 : Elasticsearch indexed documents lack an _id based on the object's primary key
bug 1383268 : Add attachments to new-bug
bug 1383108 : Sync Security Groups with Phabricator Push Connector
bug 1385947 : Ensure public revisions are visible to the users not loggedin
bug 1385524 : Bug titles not escaped before being passed to Graphviz

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2 years ago
+ Bug 1386238 (reverts 1366143)

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2 years ago
I'm only a minor idiot.
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2 years ago
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Submodule path 'code': checked out 'c4b91f5c71c57e1c523b339a260bc103a2add0d1'
Pushed to bmo-nubis for staging build and deploy:
Flags: needinfo?(dhouse)
:gozer could you rebuild this bmo-nubis deployment for "prod" please? I don't have the option in my account:
Thank you
Flags: needinfo?(gozer)
:gozer could you rebuild stage bmo-nubis for "prod" please? I don't have the rebuild addon in my account: https://sso.core.us-west-2.bugzilla-aws.nubis.allizom.org/jenkins/job/bugzilla-deployment/11/

Done, and can you check again for the rebuild option ?


I think I understand why you didn't have rebuild access...
Flags: needinfo?(gozer)
Thank you :gozer I am able to re-build. I tested with a build and I'll test later with a deploy.
A re-build deploy worked for me too.
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