Implement a method to disable HTTP/2 for individual sites

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PoC of disabling HTTP/2 on demand for specific domains/urls

As a follow-up for bug 1385358, we want to have a mechanism for disabling http2 for individual sites/requests. Ideally, the rules would look similar to the ones we use for overriding UAs, so that maintenance is easy for everyone.

We do have a PoC at [0] (also attaching the patch to this bug since the link will not work forever), but this needs some more work:

* Tests are missing.
* There is no way to skip disabling http2 for testing purposes.
* The method of setting `allowSpdy` in that noficiation observer might actually be racy, since, in theory, it should also work with `http-on-modify-request`. We should do some investigation first to check that we don't create something that may break sometimes.
* The Necko people offered their help to get parts of this patch supported by some C++ source in Necko to make it faster, so we should ping them (possible :jduell) when we have something that's good with us to see how we can collaborate.

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