don't build a staticlib for geckoservo

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Building our Rust code wastes a bunch of time building a libgeckoservo.a, when we have absolutely no use for it.  This is due to:

long long ago saying it should build a staticlib.  But we no longer need a staticlib, we only need an rlib for linking into gkrust.  We should fix this state of affairs, either by:

* If servo still needs to build a staticlib for whatever reason (maybe building an rlib in CI is not sufficient), make the geckoservo crate depend on a geckoservo-core crate that only builds rlibs, and then make Gecko itself depend on geckoservo-core.

* If servo can get by with just building an rlib for geckoservo, we should drop the support for building a staticlib for it in Cargo.toml.

When I looked at this 3 weeks ago, it didn't matter (thus the last paragraph in that issue). I'm not sure what is using geckoservo. One thing that is sure is that it started as staticlib, and the rlib was added when incorporating in gecko for stylo... so I don't know if servo is not expecting the staticlib...
Summary: stylo: don't build a staticlib for geckoservo → don't build a staticlib for geckoservo
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