Confusing Legacy label for Embedded WebExtensions addons



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I had understood that with Firefox 57 no legacy extension would run.

I run Nightly-2017-08-02 (with pref extensions.legacy.enabled defaulted to true).
and realized I still have Legacy addons running, which caught my attention. 

I dug around and I ended-up installing the lastest "uBlock Origin/webext v1.13.9.3", which was still labelled as Legacy despite its name.

It took me a while to figure out that I was looking at an "Embedded WebExtensions" addon (uBO wiki is very detailed about it).

Since other users might also find this disturbing, I thought my experience was worth opening a conversation about the relevance of the Legacy label in that particular case.

Feel free to close if that's fully intentional and well thought out!

Thanks for the hard work ;)
I believe that version of ublock origin is a hybrid webextension, which is mostly written as a webextension but does still use the legacy bootstrap.js technique as well.  So, the actual version that you have currently installed will not work when legacy extensions are disabled.  And that's what the legacy badge is meant to convey.  We've talked about showing instead some indication that an extension author intends to convert to a webextension in time, but never did come up with a practical way to do that.  In the specific case of uBO you can see the plans here:
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