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stylo: Stylo disrupts Outlook Email mouse cursor and popup menus


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Enable Stylo in about:config   

Go to Outlook Email and log in.   
Open an Email with lots of hyperlinks(like bugzilla emails)  
Try click on a hyperlink inside the email  

1. Notice that the cursor does not detect the hyperlink as a link. However moving the cursor across the link you can notice that it detects as a hyperlink at certain points  

2. Right click with mouse inside email content area should show the popup menu. Instead it takes you back to the landing page of Outlook Email.  

3. Text Selection also leads back to landing page and Mouse scroll isn't effectively detected inside the email content area.   

These were the 3 i could notice in my usage. Not sure if there are more. 
A video link to depict the issues is here -
I can reproduce this if you need someone to help with this.
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Wes, since you can reproduce this, if you look in inspector, what elements are being targeted when the mouse is over the hyperlink but not looking like a hyperlink?
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As far as I can tell, it's trying to focus on an item from the list of emails in my inbox, not the currently opened message. Looking in the inspector, if I dig down into what it selected when I hover the hyperlink, I'll eventually find metadata for the message that's approximately in that position in my inbox.
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Not sure if this helps.  
But in the Chromium version of outlook there's this fade-in/fade-out(right to left) effect when you click on emails.  
That doesn't happening Firefox though. There are few other animations that are missing on FF
> it's trying to focus on an item from the list of emails in my inbox, not the currently opened message

OK.  Is any of that stuff styled with "display:table" or related display types, by any chance?
And just to make sure, this is not Outlook Web App we're talking about, right?  I do have access to that, and can't seem to be able to reproduce the problem there...
This is, the descendant of Hotmail.

The element shown in Inspector when hovering over these things have display:table-cell in their CSS and then visibility:hidden applied directly to the element.
I can repro this with my Outlook test account, but only if I select "Hide reading pane" under Display settings.
In the HTML, the inbox list and the email message are both divs, children of another div, in this structure:

<parent div>
  <unrelated div/>
  <inbox div (visibility:hidden)/>
  <unrelated div/>
  <unrelated div/>
  <message div/>
</parent div>

As far as I can tell, those "unrelated" divs have no text content, though some of them do have other <div> children, some of which have their own <div> child with display:none.
Jandem is right. I don't have the issue when the reading pane is shown.
> and then visibility:hidden applied directly to the element.

Ah.  visibility:things should not be hit targets, but there's a pretty good changes this is similar to the problem described in bug 1385831.

I'm hoping to have fixes for that problem by early next week; with any luck they will also fix the issue here.  I'll post a link to the try build once I have one.
Depends on: 1340404, 1340405
> a pretty good changes 

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Summary: Stylo disrupts Outlook Email → stylo: Stylo disrupts Outlook Email mouse cursor and popup menus
This should be fixed in tomorrow's nightly, by bug 1388625.  If someone can retest there, or on current autoland or m-c, I would really appreciate that!
Wes, would you mind re-testing on central?
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Sure. The Nightly build with the fix failed and is re-running at the moment, so I'll wait for that to finish up and use it.
As far as I can see, things are working correctly now on the latest nightly.
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Awesome, thank you for testing!
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See Also: 1451570
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