Open Bug 1387304 Opened 4 years ago Updated 3 years ago

Add fuzzy auto-completion of directories / flavors to |mach test| (and other test commands)


(Testing :: General, enhancement, P5)



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(Reporter: ahal, Unassigned)


There's a new ./mach try fuzzy command that uses fzf to fuzzy select tasks.

We can make use of fzf in other places in-tree. Fzf already provides fuzzy auto-completion for certain common shell commands (type **<tab> on a shell to activate it). We could use a similar activation method to enter fuzzy completion for commands like |mach test|, |mach mochitest|, etc..

Jgraham also had the idea of using fzf's --query mode with mach test's --preset
Priority: -- → P3
Priority: P3 → P5
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