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Steps to reproduce:

* Go to the "Web Development Tools" section in SeaMonkey Help
* Click on "Firefox Developer Tools site" (

Actual results:

WebIDE is not mentioned

Expected results:

Since WebIDE appears in the SeaMonkey Web Development tool, but not on the Fx devtools homepage, we should probably mention it separately in Help.

The WebIDE page ( is apparently focused on Firefox OS development. Since Firefox OS is discontinued, but you can also use WebIDE to debug Firefox for Android or other apps, the remote debugging guide ( might be a better resource to link to.
Component: General → Help Documentation
WebIDE is slated to go away eventually, and remote debugging will be moved elsewhere (see bug 1314811). But we can update the SeaMonkey documentation to remove it when that time comes.
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Looks good. It should be "Firefox Developer Tools WebIDE" or just "Developer Tools WebIDE".

Additonal not. The Developer Tools will be moved into system addon which might break them in SeaMonkey very soon. So this help might need to change again before the next planned release 2.56.
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Changed "Firefox WebIDE" to "Developer Tools WebIDE".
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Pushed by
Mention WebIDE in Help. r=frg
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Isaac, could you keep an eye on it if it needs changes in later releases.

Target Milestone: --- → seamonkey2.54
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Hmm I thought I set r+. doh
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Assignee: nobody → isaacschemm
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
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>+++ b/suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help/developer_tools.xhtml

>+  <li id="webide">
>+    <strong>WebIDE</strong>: &brandShortName; includes Developer Tools WebIDE,
>+	which can be used to debug other web sites or Gecko-based applications
>+	running on the same computer, or on another device (such as a smartphone)
>+	through a USB or network connection. To learn more, visit the
>+	<a href="">Remote
>+	Debugging</a> page at MDN. Note that you may not be able to debug
>+	applications that are newer than the included version of WebIDE.
>+  </li>
Nit: Spaces not tabs should be used for indentation.

>+++ b/suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help/help-index1.rdf
>@@ -613,16 +613,21 @@
>          nc:link="mailnews_getting_started.xhtml#set_as_default"/>
>      </rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>
>        <rdf:Description ID="Developer_Tools"
>          nc:name="Developer Tools"
>          nc:link="developer_tools.xhtml#devtools"/>
>      </rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>
>+       <rdf:Description ID="WebIDE"
>+         nc:name="WebIDE"
>+         nc:link="developer_tools.xhtml#webide"/>
>+     </rdf:li>
>+     <rdf:li>
>        <rdf:Description ID="device_manager"
>          nc:name="Device Manager"
>          nc:link="using_certs_help.xhtml#about_security_devices_and_modules"/>
>      </rdf:li>
Nit: this file should be in alphabetical order, so this should be under W not D.

Please can a new patch be generated to fix these issues? Thanks.
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Updated patch with WebIDE in correct position alphabetically and fixed whitespace
Flags: needinfo?(isaacschemm)
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>+++ b/suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help/help-index1.rdf
>@@ -2207,16 +2207,21 @@
>          nc:link="certs_prefs_help.xhtml#privacy_and_security_preferences_certificates"/>
>      </rdf:li></rdf:Seq>
>    </nc:subheadings>
> </rdf:Description>
> <rdf:Description about="help-indexAZ.rdf#w">
>    <nc:subheadings>
>      <rdf:Seq><rdf:li>
>+       <rdf:Description ID="WebIDE"
>+         nc:name="WebIDE"
>+         nc:link="developer_tools.xhtml#webide"/>
>+     </rdf:li>
>+     <rdf:li>
This needs to come after "web pages"
>        <rdf:Description ID="web_pages"
>          nc:name="web pages"/>
>      </rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>
>        <rdf:Description ID="Working_Offline"
>          nc:name="Working Offline"
>          nc:link="mailnews_offline.xhtml#working_offline"/>
>      </rdf:li></rdf:Seq>

Once this patch is correct, the previous one needs to be backed out before this lands or this patch needs to include the back out.

r=me with that fixed.
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Put WebIDE after Web Pages in index
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r=me thanks
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