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Sqlite.jsm `onRow` handler swallows exceptions


(Toolkit :: Storage, enhancement, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox57 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: lina, Unassigned)


I spent some time debugging why the tree structure I was building from a Places query was incomplete. It turns out one of the methods I was calling from the `onRow` callback had a bug, causing it to throw. (There are cases where I still want that method to throw, but this wasn't one of them). I didn't have SQLite logging turned on, so I missed the "Exception when calling onRow callback" logging:,787

IIUC, removing the `try...catch` isn't enough. XPCOM will convert the exception into a failed `nsresult`, but,450,452 ignores it.

I wonder if we could have `notifyResultsOnCallingThread` call `notifyErrorOnCallingThread`, cancel the statement, and eventually call `handleCompletion` with `REASON_ERROR`.

Or, if it's not worth the trouble, I can remove the `onRow` handler from my code and iterate over the array afterward.
Now that we're targeting 57 and extensions can no longer access mozStorage, this sounds like a win with no downsides.  I'm certainly on board with having all callbacks propagate errors forward.  The main thing is to keep the error propagation exclusively on the owning/main thread (so we don't have to synchronize with I/O on the async thread and can otherwise maintain correctness).
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