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Let Composer- and AB toolboxes use the main toolbox background color


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With bug 1387877 there is now a CSS variable for the toolbox background color (--toolbar-bgcolor). The AB- and Composer toolboxes should follow with using this variable instead using fixed colors.
On Linux there should be no visible difference, at least not by me, but the different themes it could be still the case.

On Windows the toolbars should be slightly lighter, like the main toolbox, than before. I also moved some rules together for easier maintenance.

I leaved macOS because the windows would look like an alien in the system when they don't have unified toolboxes (titlebar and toolbox use one gradient and look as one piece). When I set the background color titlebar and the toolbox are separated.
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Another "spot the difference" review.

Yes, before the AB toolbar had background f0f0f0, and now f9f9fa.
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Yes I see no change in the AB.
However, there is a big difference to the toolbar in main 3-pane window (which has a grey half-transparent background) and the AB (or compose) toolbar, which is totally transparent. That is with a LW theme.
With e.g. Monterail, the toolbars have different background colors. This is not caused by this patch, but is current situation. I don't know why that is.
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I made this by intend and it was already like this before the patch. The milky background is used to have a difference between the active- and inactive tabs. On AB and Composer there are no tabs that would make this needed.
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Let Composer and AB toolboxes use the main toolbox background color. r=aceman,jorgk
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