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Steps to reproduce:

Use firefox 57 nightly (or any previous recent version):

Press left ALT, which is very recent due to:
- using ALT-SHIFT to switching keyboard layouts
- using ALT-TAB to switching window

Often mistake happen due to body coordination and brain thinking faster than body doing key-presses ;-)

Actual results:

- Content of page jumped.
- Not pleasant to view page in these scenarios
- when typing into textbox (ALT-SHIFT keyboard switch) it happends that menu is triggered by letter written after ALT is pressed

Expected results:

- if there is _requirement_ to have ALT binded to menu, menu should _slide_ without affecting browser (website) content 

- also would be useful (at least in default configuration) to not have "letter shortcuts", but that's just relatively minor issue


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Summary: felt ALT key behaviour → left ALT key behaviour

Comment 1

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> Press left ALT, which is very recent due to:
I don't understand this, and a bug summary including a verb would be welcome. :)

So when you only press ALT and do nothing else, the page content changes for you?
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Component: Untriaged → Keyboard Navigation

Comment 2

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sorry, English is not my primary language.

Well, just press left ALT, you'll see what I'm seeing - it's behavior not a bug.

Page itself not changing, but Firefox move page to be able show line with menu. That's logical, problem is, when it often happen that you press ALT unintentionally.
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This is intentional, as a way to allow easy access to the hidden-by-default menubar.
Last Resolved: a year ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID

Comment 4

a year ago
Next time please be kind enough, to point, where I can fix my issues instead of explaining that it as "feature" (which it's of course and we both know it)

So, for people which will have same issues as I had:
- go to about:config
- change value ui.key.menuAccessKeyFocuses to false

So, this is SOLVED for me, in case you'll suffer by this default setting, feel free to change it :)
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