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browser_content_sandbox_fs.js fails to detect $PROFILE/extensions not readable on Linux


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The test in browser_content_sandbox_fs.js that makes sure $PROFILE/extensions is readable should have caught bug 1385891 "Firefox doesn't load extension's files after upgrade" which was a problem caused by the Linux sandbox not allowing read access to $PROFILE/extensions. This bug is to fix the test.
Assignee: nobody → haftandilian
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: sb+
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla57
Blocks: sb-test
On Mac, the test works correctly. When the sandbox doesn't allow reading of $PROFILE/extensions, iterating over the directory entries throws an exception with an error message such as "Unix error 1 during operation DirectoryIterator on file /var/folders/46/.../T/tmp0w6osF.mozrunner/extensions (Operation not permitted)". Will test on Linux.
Bug 1385891 wasn't detected by automated testing because, on Linux, $PROFILE/extensions ends up in /tmp. For example, "/tmp/tmp4APB8w.mozrunner/extensions". Since our Linux sandbox whitelists /tmp, it allows everything in the profile to be readable. Even though the sandbox rule to allow $PROFILE/extensions to be readable was not present, the directory was readable in automated tests because of the rule to allow /tmp. This should have been obvious because we are already disabling some tests in this file on Linux due to this issue.

And we already have bug 1386404 - "Stop allowing Linux content processes to access /tmp" which would allow the test to work as expected. Closing this as a dupe of 1386404.

Alternatively, we could change the sandbox implementation to allow /tmp, but deny /tmp/<profile>. Will discuss with sandboxing peers.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Summary: browser_content_sandbox_fs.js fails to detect $PROFILE/extensions not readable → browser_content_sandbox_fs.js fails to detect $PROFILE/extensions not readable on Linux
Duplicate of bug: 1386404
Re-opening the bug. Discussed this at our sandboxing standup today. We may be able to workaround the /tmp issue so that the profile-related checks in browser_content_sandbox_fs.js can be made to work on Linux.
Assignee: haftandilian → nobody
OS: Unspecified → Linux
Priority: P1 → --
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Priority: -- → P3
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