pinned tabs being lazified?




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a year ago
57.0a1 (2017-08-09) (64-bit) Mac OS X

I *think* that sometimes a couple of my pinned tabs are getting lazified.

I haven't confirmed it for sure, but a few times as I've traversed those tabs with the keyboard shortcuts (cmd+shift+[/]) I've seen them load.

This has only been in the last couple of days.

Filing this in case someone else is seeing same behavior, or until I can catch it happening for sure.
Dietrich, were you able to pin this down any further? Can you close this out if not? Thanks!
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a year ago
I see it intermittently. You're the triage owner, so you can close it or not, however you'd like to handle these types of bugs.
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I'll keep it around, especially if you're still seeing it. I'll keep the prio the same, though.
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