Open Bug 1389234 Opened 4 years ago Updated 3 years ago

Deprecate SimpleTest.requestFlakyTimeout in favor of the mozilla/no-arbitrary-setTimeout eslint rule


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As discussed in bug 1385352, both requestFlakyTimeout and the eslint rule are accomplishing the same thing. We should have a single mechanism for preventing flaky timeouts.

I vote for the eslint rule because:

1) Doesn't need to be implemented per test harness (and reduces complexity)
2) It's a common tool that many devs are already familiar with
3) Devs can choose to disable it at the directory, file or line level

This bug should:
1) Remove the requestFlakyTimeout mechanism
2) Replace invocations of SimpleTest.requestFlakyTimeout with // eslint-disable
3) Enable mozilla/no-arbitrary-setTimeout on mochitest plain and chrome
I like eslint too, but keep in mind that some mochitests may not be linted, due to exclusions in .eslintignore.
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